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About me?

I'M a programmer since 2006, I program games using Unity/C#, database, VR/augmented reality Resources and social networks. In addition to games, Web programmer: HTML5, CSS3, PHP, MYSQL, Jquery and I do themes for WordPress

I, in my childhood, dreamed of living in the world of games! I Thought it was a beautiful world with adventures and challenges.

I Am passionate about retro games, which refers to my childhood and adolescence! Time of the Snes and MegaDrive.

Today I work to create this world...

My life? An RPG Game!

If I could set my life in a game style, it would certainly be an RPG! Not that it's my favorite style of play, but fate made the script of my life, and I'm following...

So the mechanics of increasing XP, collecting items to advance makes me a lot of sense! Yes, it's part of my life.

I Was born in 1986, in Lunardelli, a quiet and very quiet city in the interior of Paraná. My family of farmers, very poor richer in kindness and honesty.

At 9 messes the cheerful baby full of health that rejoiced in the humble house of Wood, became ill.

Almost dead, my father took me to the hospital. I was diagnosed with cerebral palsy.

"You See it looks like a weird Rpg?" ...

Now, with a vegetable child, who had no movement, could not swallow... My family moves to Londrina/Pr, seeking treatment.

How slow the treatment, arduous days of physiotherapies and treatment of speech... Every little move, every short word was a great victory.

To get an idea, when I was nine years old, I couldn't sit alone, I couldn't speak a single word.

But God is my master, for him nothing is impossible... Impressively the movements of the body went back.

When I was 10 years old, I went to school My mother carried me in her lap, she was actually a stranger in an ordinary school. At That time I suffered a lot, prejudice of all, even myself.

So I found out it doesn't matter how I get to a place, but how I get out. With a lot of guts, I finished high school.

My life

I Decided to study programming...

This is a brief summary of my life, a tinny guy who never gives up.